We provide investment opportunities in renewable energy infrastructure, social Infrastructure and real estate. The opportunities are available to wholesale clients only


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Our renewables business service offerings provide the opportunity to invest in the high quality infrastructure that is part of Australia’s long term transition to a clean energy system.

Stay tuned for updates on the development of current and future projects, funds and assets information.


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Our social infrastructure business service offerings provides the opportunity to invest in the high quality healthcare infrastructure, especially for mental health and public health, in Australia.

  • Our goal is for all Victorians with a mental illness to live fulfilling lives.
  • We are part of a consortium that offers unique solutions to the public sector with a private sector investment in developing these assets in Australia, in Melbourne.
  • Stay tuned for updates on the development of current and future projects, funds and assets information.


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We specialise in raising capital for major commercial and residential land development projects. we have two approaches to real estate investing

To provide investors with rare, attractive alternative investment opportunities.



Commercial Real estate

We intent to have investments in high performing commercial properties; aiming for those with industry-leading environmental credentials, A-Grade accommodations, and long tenancies.

Post-acquisition, we take an active approach to managing them, liaising with tenants and operators to improve their environmental and social impacts and maintain strong lease/s arrangement.

With this approach of investment, we aim to deliver attractive yields with the potential for capital appreciation over the terms of the investments.


Land Developments

We undertakes land developments in a prime suburban location, within Victoria and interstate residential land developments. These developments involve the transformation of urban growth lands sites into fully developed land for residential properties.

we provide a fresh approach with alternative thinking on capital raising, property investment and the value creation process. This ‘outside the box’ approach brings to market a new way of investing with risk-adjusted target returns by delivering new major property development projects in Australia.

Ours is a deeply ethical company and believes strongly in transparency with its investors and stakeholders. We are committed to conducting business in accordance with the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the benefit of investors and stakeholders.

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